Great starter 6.1 million SP character FOR SALE - Minmatar skilled with 2.2 mill SP in Projectiles - 3.5B ISK - Tornado skilled

Minmatar Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Battleship Pilot.
T2 Small & Medium Projectile Specialization. Large Projectile Turret.
Great character name.
Clean security status.
Clean kill rights.
Clean Zkillboard
Clean wallet.
Complete +3 implant set installed.
Located in Jita.
2 available remaps.
Instant Tornado/Tempest ganking alt. Mission runner or faction warfare character.

3.5 bill buyout.

BO offer

Sold. Please send ISK and account name for transfer.


will do asap not home

Do you have any idea on when that will be?

sorry retracting offer

free bump

Character is back on the market. Currently at just over 6 million SP, this is a great starting character. And with Forsaken Fortress almost upon us, this is your chance to grab a capable alt in time for the structure destruction party.

Don’t miss out on your chance to own her!

Still here for sale. 6.1 million SP.

Still for sale. Instant Tornado pilot.

Forsaken Fortress is approaching. Don’t miss an opportunity to get your hands on a great skilled Matar pilot today!

Still for sale. 6.1 mill SP for 3.5 billion ISK.

I can take him for 3B

3.2 bil

Sold for 3.2billion ISK. Please send ISK and details in an evemail for transfer.


Hello, character is worth more than 3 billion ISK, as it’s 6.1 million SP. I’m prepared to let it go for 3.2, matching the other offer, if you’re interested.

Still waiting on your purchase. If you don’t complete today I will ask for the post to be cleaned up and your offer removed.

Extraction value, around 800m
Transfer = 20 bucks = 500 PLEX = 1,3b

total value is 2,1b. But i got another toon, which better fit my needs. Still good luck selling this guy.

Hi. Tomorrow will send isk

Good morning :slight_smile: Acc info and isk sent 0/

OK isk received and transfer started. Thanks.

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