WTS Minmatar Starter Character With 6 M SP (14x level V skills)


My one year omega sub is running out soon and most likely I will not resubscripe for awhile. I have created new character to store my holdings untill I return.

This character, Ioz, was a project that was supposed to be industrialist and trader, but also mission runner for standings.

There are quite few basic level V’s done:

Mechanics V
Drones V
Light Drones V
CPU Management V
Power Grid Management V
Gunnery V
Small Projectile Turret V
Industry V
Mining V
Reprocessing V
Science V
Mining Barge V
Minmatar Destroyer V
Astrogeology V

All relevant ore reprocessing skills for highsec are at IV and shield tanking skills for active tanking are at IV.

Basically this is perfect starter all around character.

I do not know the current price level so suggest something.


I’ll accept it and the rules used in Character Bazaar. Could you send the account name for the transfer via EVE mail?

Haven’t heard anything from Rynn Moliko so this character is still up for sale.

Still for sale.

Still for sale.

3.75 bil

Still for sale.

Dicey without eveboard: would you accept 4.2 B

I have to figure out an alternative for the eveboard. I should log in to check if the skill for exhumers is done since evegate is gone too, I cannot check skills via browser and I have not used evemon etc. for a decade.


I made a APIKEY that shows some information like skills:
Key ID: 6679287
Verification Code: zBxfjXDlDr8GHc0oaTRcs5AxdobyywbVIauRr0bZWEgxz9C3KErPW8BvzwZJSp2d

Did you see my offer of 4.2B?

Oh, yes, sorry. Could you check the skills?

How about 4.5 B? :thinking:

OK- I believe I now send 4.5B ISK to Ioz, you take the isk and pay CCP to transfer the character to the account I specify. Is that what you understand too?

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Sorry for late response. I am very busy with work. Yes I understand that, I get the ISK, and I pay the transfer fee. Send the account name via evemail.

Note: I will get back around 24 hours from now. So please be patient :wink:

Have you sent the ISK yet?


Sending now to match when you said you would be on line

ISK sent

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