WTS Minmatar Starter Character With 6 M SP (14x level V skills)

(Ioz) #1


My one year omega sub is running out soon and most likely I will not resubscripe for awhile. I have created new character to store my holdings untill I return.

This character, Ioz, was a project that was supposed to be industrialist and trader, but also mission runner for standings.

There are quite few basic level V’s done:

Mechanics V
Drones V
Light Drones V
CPU Management V
Power Grid Management V
Gunnery V
Small Projectile Turret V
Industry V
Mining V
Reprocessing V
Science V
Mining Barge V
Minmatar Destroyer V
Astrogeology V

All relevant ore reprocessing skills for highsec are at IV and shield tanking skills for active tanking are at IV.

Basically this is perfect starter all around character.

I do not know the current price level so suggest something.

(Rynn Moliko) #2


(Ioz) #3

I’ll accept it and the rules used in Character Bazaar. Could you send the account name for the transfer via EVE mail?

(Ioz) #4

Haven’t heard anything from Rynn Moliko so this character is still up for sale.

(Ioz) #5

Still for sale.

(Ioz) #6

Still for sale.

(Jeffrey Fuzzlewumper) #7

3.75 bil

(Ioz) #8

Still for sale.

(grenville averti) #9

Dicey without eveboard: would you accept 4.2 B

(Ioz) #10

I have to figure out an alternative for the eveboard. I should log in to check if the skill for exhumers is done since evegate is gone too, I cannot check skills via browser and I have not used evemon etc. for a decade.

(Hei Presto) #11


(Ioz) #12

I made a APIKEY that shows some information like skills:
Key ID: 6679287
Verification Code: zBxfjXDlDr8GHc0oaTRcs5AxdobyywbVIauRr0bZWEgxz9C3KErPW8BvzwZJSp2d

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(grenville averti) #13

Did you see my offer of 4.2B?

(Ioz) #14

Oh, yes, sorry. Could you check the skills?

How about 4.5 B? :thinking:

(grenville averti) #15

OK- I believe I now send 4.5B ISK to Ioz, you take the isk and pay CCP to transfer the character to the account I specify. Is that what you understand too?

(Ioz) #16

Sorry for late response. I am very busy with work. Yes I understand that, I get the ISK, and I pay the transfer fee. Send the account name via evemail.

Note: I will get back around 24 hours from now. So please be patient :wink:

(Ioz) #17

Have you sent the ISK yet?

(Rav Onnlin) #18


(grenville averti) #19

Sending now to match when you said you would be on line

(grenville averti) #20

ISK sent