[WTS] ~6.5M SP Minmatar super alpha starter (326k unallocated)

This character has ~1.5M SP over the free alpha training cap.
All skills (save for 500 SP in Defender Missiles 1) should be usable in alpha state, so this is an especially good starter character if you want an extra alpha.

All CCP rules are followed to best of my knowledge, no kill rights, positive wallet, in NPC corp, in high sec etc.
She also has no PVP history.

EVEBOARD: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Jaime_del_Lange

EVEBOARD is glitchy, she shows 6,497,236 SP in game: https://puu.sh/yNsHw/6edec26bc4.png

326k of the SP is unallocated, so you can put it wherever you want.

Highlights include:

- Minmatar Frig/Destroyer/Cruiser/BC/BS to 4 (alpha cap)

- T2 small projectiles, with medium/large and relevant supports to 4

- Passable missile an drone skills

- Good alpha level navigation/shield/core skills

Price: 4.5B

I may not be immediately available for the next couple days due to the holiday but I will try to check as often as possible.

I reserve the right to cancel this auction for any or no reason.

Please let me know if I missed anything.

Daily bumpage, still for sale

Bump, added buyout

Daily up, still for sale

Instant Buyout lowered to 5

4.5 b/o

Thanks for bid.

Will sell later tonight when I get home if I do not get a higher offer.

No reponse from buyer, bidding still open

Hold for other deal.

Have not heard anything back, character is still for sale.

4b isk ready

Thanks, but with transfer cost + the training itself, it would not be worth for me to sell under 4.5B minimum.

Still for sale. Not in any hurry so not selling at a loss; first 4.5B offer that responds gets it as a buyout.


Still for sale

Still for sale, all previous offers have fallen through it seems.

4.5b, you pay transfer fees.

@Gozinya Sorry, I missed the alert for this, been busy with work…if you’re still interested, send isk and account name and I’ll get it started.


I’ll pay 4.3B

4.5 b/o, you pay transfer fees.