Wts 5.7 mil sp prospect/bomber alt, with cov cyno

I am for sale.
URL: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Amanda_Mahyisti

Opening bid: 3.5 bil
Buyout: 5.0 bil (lowered from 6bil !)

Am looking for something above the 5 bil marker, so please make some nice bids :slight_smile:

Character has positive wallet,
No kill rights
Toon located in high sec
No Jump Clones


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I’ll give you a 4b bid.

thank you for the bid, any others? :smiley:

I’ll bid 4.25b

taking more offers!

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Buy out 5.5 b, anyone?



4.5 bil

4.75 Bil

almost to that 5.5 bil BO :smiley:

5.5 bil? :slight_smile:

I will give you 4.75 bil if you give it to me right now :heart_eyes:

@Theodred_Alabel 5 bil and a deal?

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still for sale!