WTS Serpentis Carrier - Vendetta [SOLD]

WTS another Vendetta

It’s located in Amamake Keepstar, with T2 Trimark rigs. Could be asset safety’d (extremely low cost due to NPC station being in the same system) to NPC station in the same system or you could do it yourself, save me 5 days.

Price reduced.

Looking for a reasonable bid. Thanks.

Willing to negotiate. Send a mail or reply here. Also acceptable to trades.

190 bil for hull

Still for sale

Still looking for offers.

Still for sale

Still selling

Moved to Otsasai.
Could be asset safety’d to NPC station in the same system for a very small fee or you could do it yourself, save me 5 days.

I may be interested, keep me posted.

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Another Vendetta for sale in Amamake Keepstar

Still selling. Can negotiate the price

Will sell to an offer that’s closer

Still selling

Without Vendetta, life is plain. Get one right now.

About to get sold for 190 B. Any higher offers?

Still looking for offers

Lookin for offers

Looking near asking price

Still for sale

50b as its stuck in a low-sec keep surrounded by the waiting sharks and their lancer dreads ready to kill it the second it undocks.
No one in their right mind is moving any super capital in lowsec now let alone a faction one.