WTS Vendetta (Sold)

Vendetta with t2 trimark and fighters Evepraisal - Appraisal yhx8l: 1.37 Billion Buy / 1.72 Billion Sell.


located in Faspera

Dropping the price to 120bn. Now the cheapest on the market, still with t2 trimarks and fighters

85 billion.

no sorry.

No one will buy it due to the location and being hunted. So again I’ll offer 85. best of luck ever selling it.

No one will ever buy it and proceeds to offer to buy it. How convenient.

If it sell great if not it’s no problem. I am happy to hold it. But for now its still for sell at 120 billion.

I’ll take the Vendetta for 120. Add me on Discord TaraRead#3644 plz

Item has been sold. Thank you

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