WTS Shapash 124 B {SOLD]

Selling your favorite and specialized Gallente Frigate

Looking for 124 B or near

Bid here or mail me, thanks.

Upup. Willing to negotiate.

Wait is this the same one you have on contracts for 122b?

Just recently put it up, hoping someone would buy it.

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Bumping it up. Price 121 B

Still for sale

If you’re open to a trade option I can mail you in game

Sure. I’m open to trades.

SOLD but- another one up for sale.

Get it before its gone. 121 B

Still selling. 120 B Limited Time Offer. There’s not much Shapash left in the 120 range.

what are you selling?

Alliance Tournament Frigate : Shapash

Price shoot back up to 124 B

Still for sale. Got 120 B ingame offer. Looking for more.

Still looking

121 B anyone?
Looking to sell soon

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