WTS Shapash 124 B [SOLD]

New Shapash available for sale.

Looking for 124 B but price negotiable.

Get your AT Frigate before the price increases

Looking closer.

Still for sale

Buy my Shapash. Looking for a quick sale.

100b right now

Such a cheesy offer!

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Don’t be so cheap, perny!
Offer 140 and it’s yours right now!

117 B offer

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Thank you for the offer.
But looking for more. 120 B instant buyout.
Or if there’s no other bids in 1-2 days, it’s yours.

Bumpers. Going for as low as 119

Will sell to you in 6 hours if your offer is still valid


An hour sooner but Shapash is contracted to you.

Terrible timing due to work Il be able to accept it this time tomorrow when I get home though

Sold, thanks