WTS: Ships and Modules in Skarkon - Pochven (Triglavian Space)


I have quite a few ships and modules in the NPC Skarkon station which has been moved to Trig space.

The station is Skarkon III - Moon 14 - Svarog Clade Proving Complex

Here is an Eve-Praisal of the ships and items located there: https://evepraisal.com/a/ww7vd?live=yes

Be aware of the difficulty of getting such items into Trig space, and reflect that in your prices. I will not respond to any attempt to acquire these items cheaper than listed on the eve-praisal.

Hand on heart, did you forget them in there before the change and you are now trying to sell them off at a premium price cause you can’t get them out of there?

Not that I couldn’t get them out of there. I easily could as I did with other systems. It was on my list to do though but I realised that they may be worth something whilst in there. I got my Hel out and other expensive mods from any of the ships listed, and thought I’d see what sort of price the rest can bring once in there. Wish I had left the Hel there now tbh. 10bil is peanuts to be honest, so it’s not really missed. But if I can make some isk off what’s in there then great. If not, someone can have it all for a billion, I’m easy.

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