WTS Silvershore Greatcoat

150b. Jita. Mail me. Sold

There’s a guy in the WTB section that was looking for one.
Here’s a free bump

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Woah that is quite the asking price seeing as I have passed up for offers around 70B. If you ever become serious about selling let me know.

140b offer

You really are a rare kind of imbecile

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This was sold that same week for 150b. I didn’t want to make the info public not to sabotage your WTB thread, but if you want to be a smartass about “being serious” you really had it coming. Sorry.

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More power to you for selling it for that price. I appreciate you not posting that amount on my thread.

Sweet, thanks for letting us know, now I have a new baseline if I ever decide to sell mine.

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