WTS Silvershore Greatcoat - SOLD!

On public contracts in jita 4-4 for 200. Can be found with the link below (paste the ingame notepad)

<url=contract:30000142//188528388>‘Silvershore’ Greatcoat (Item Exchange)

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Nice, my lovely’s price keeps going up. Not that I would ever get rid of it ofc… besides, after so many years wearing it… I don’t think a dry cleaner could get rid of the Shak’s original musk.

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Thread up. I’ve gotten some offers by mail, none accepted yet.

Contract still open, get yours today :slight_smile:

Thread up - contract still available! Mail me if you want to negotiate.

Thread up - still available

150b offer

Got a couple good offers so far; feel free to mail me and/or post here if you want to bid. The main contract is still up.

what is the current bid at?

Mail Sent -

SOLD!, for 200B, to Charles Dupont II :smiley:

Thanks to Charles & everyone who bid!


“Oh you have a Titan? A Vendetta? How cute… but what are you wearing?”
-Silvershore Greatcoat Marketing Team


I do have a Detta haha

“Silvershore Greatcoat >>> Titan >>>>>>>Detta”
-Silvershore Greatcoat Marketing Team

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