WTS 'Silvershore' Greatcoat - SOLD


38b bid

Ty for the bid, giving this 24 before before accepting.

Contract up, TY

If he did not acepted yet then he is just Trolling u as he did with me… said he wants to buy my Dagon BPC… he confirmed ingame… I made a contract and he never acepted or responded again :stuck_out_tongue:

Some people have nothing better to do in their life lol

He has also done this with my sale.

I don’t get why he bothers, maybe just jealous he’s not rich in game idk.

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Maybe , whatever his reason is he should get banned from the forums he literally posts on almost all sales if u check his History , but he never completed a single Trade :wink:

Is there a way to Report people here?

I bid 20b

The Jita buy is at like 31b lol…

Anyways thanks everyone for posting. I did have another person offer the same reserve in game. Contract is currently up to that person.

Will mark this thread closed if they accept.

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