WTS Praetor II T2 BPO

Location at Jita 4-4

Start bid : 110 bil

130 buyout,
white respect shareq

131B offer



134 bil

142 bil


my top offer stand at 130,btw i cant send mail in game,gl on sale,
white respect shareq

131b bump

shareq Igunen max offer is 140 bil

141b bump

142 offer as stated earlier

143b bump

Found 1 …thnx

If you want to sell something then create your own thread … dont hijack my thread

Contract up

This post said 144 B before Ylatainen even tried to contract it to LORD ACER.
LORD ACER, don’t get scammed by this cheating scummer. xD

Edit : And since I exposed him, he’s going around either being salty on my threads or sabotaging my bids on other threads. Smh.

I suspected he was using an alt to up bids which is why I offered my own Praetor II bpo. Bait activated.

LOL @ “Found one”

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Excellent move 10/10