WTS Silvershore Greatcoat

250 billion

No lowballers, I know what I’ve got.

Captain Thot

Looking for a new home.

Buy me

We already have exotic dancers as well as many other professional entertainment options available on the market. What can the Captain of Thots offer that the other fine ladies can not?

Btw free bump

A penny for your thot.

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An expensive coat to go with your astronomically expensive monocle.

Stay classy and warm

available. it is

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Show your superiority.

Some nut bought that last one for that price, get it before someone just as crazy picks it up! :joy:


I’m just glad I did not pay the highest price.

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It’s going to take a nut to remove it from my possession. So, anyway, thank you for your thotful contributions.

Out of curiosity, was “thotful” used intentionally? I can see it going both ways :smiley:

Thots recognizing thots.

That’s a hot thot.

Looong bump

100B plus a Geri.

I might be that nut…

Thank you.

still on sale?