The one this character is wearing. There is no buy out price. There is no reserve price. I’ll sell it when I see a price I’m happy with (or I won’t if I don’t). You are welcome to lowball if you wish to. This post can use the bumps.

I’ll start you out at 100 bill

110B offer



125B offer

150 bil

160 Bil offer


Highest: 210
Second: 180

(The forum bids are shown)

I’ve reached the threshold where I’m happy to part with the coat, so I’ll keep the post alive another day or so. (This of course presumes that the buyers don’t back out of course).


Fantastic way of showing the high bidder how much they’ve overbid.


SOLD (To the highest bidder)

This sold for 210?

It did.


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Well I didn’t overpay for my two then :sweat_smile:

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