WTS skill Extractor

130B sell 285 skill Extractor,If you need to purchase, please contact corswain1 by email or leave a message, I will reply as soon as possible

120b Offer

jita middle price is 4.56e,120b Only 4.2e each,It will cause my isk reserve to be insufficient. Sorry, I cannot accept this offer.

125b :point_right::point_left::eyes:

Sorry, I still hope to sell it for 130b。

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Let me know if you change your mind :+1:

jita middle price is 4.56e

Jita split is 445.5M.

Sell: 466.5M, Buy 424.5M


The price of skill Extractor has been very unstable recently. When I looked at it, I was sure it was 4.56, but when you looked at it, the price had changed. I hope it can stabilize so that I can have an accurate selling price.

Is 127b acceptable?

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