WTS Skill Extractors (NEW STOCK)

If you’re able to give a little discount on a small bulk order…I’ll take 50 :wink:

In the spirit of the holidays, why not! Contract is up with an additional tiny discount.

Still have plenty to sell, get them before the holiday pricing is gone! :gift:

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Thank you everyone for accepting your contracts!

Still have more to sell. Get them while prices are still low!

444m each, bulk deals for orders of 200+

Still selling these fine extractors! Only a couple hundred left!

Looking to buy 200, whats your price :slight_smile:
Pm me on discord = Sweetnjuicy

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I contracted you 200 at my best price :santa:

Down to the last couple hundred! First come first serve!

444m each, bulk discounts available for 200+

Thank you everyone for accepting your contracts!

Final day of holiday pricing! :gift:

Just under 200 left!

444m each, bulk discount available if you take the remainder!

All sold out for now!

Thank you all for your business, and please remember to always extract responsibly! :blue_heart:

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Thank you @ISD_Traindriver!

We are back in stock!

Currently have 500 for sale at 485m each!

Bulk discounts:
100+ at 480m
200+ at 475m

These are the cleanest extractors on the market. Certified new!

Come and get ‘em!

Still selling these premium* extractors!

Still have tons to sell!