WTS some faction cap mods

For sale in Jita:

CONCORD Hexa 2500mm Repeating Cannon x6 220m each, 1.2b total
CONCORD Quad 3500mm Siege Artillery x6 420m each, 2.3b total
All for 3.3b

I don’t want to pay taxes and you don’t want to pay market price. Let’s make a deal.

To the top!

Price on the titan bits? Don’t need the guns. Shoot me a mail

Titan bits sold, guns still available!

To the top! Get some faction guns!

Up we go!

Buy your faction guns here!

Angel caps coming! invest!

Still for sale!

Come get them!

Prices added!

Give me mail!

Let’s sell!

Make me a deal!

You know you want em

See you at the top

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