WTS Some Offical Mods

Brokara’s Modified EM Armor Hardener —— 120M

Brokara’s Modified Kinetic Armor Hardener —— 140M

Brokara’s Modified Large Armor Repairer —— 700M

Brokara’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb —— 3.5bil

Estamel’s Modified 425mm Railgun —— 3bil

Estamel’s Modified Large Graviton Smartbomb —— 6.8bil

Estamel’s Modified Multispectral ECM —— 2bil

Kaikka’s Modified Dual 250mm Railgun —— 100M

Kaikka’s Modified EM Shield Hardener —— 360M

Kaikka’s Modified Explosive Shield Hardener —— 150M

Thon’s Modified Cruise Missile Launcher —— 2.5bil

Thon’s Modified Large Graviton Smartbomb —— 800M

Thon’s Modified Thermal Shield Hardener —— 250M

Vepas’ Modified Cruise Missile Launcher —— 4.3bil

Vizan’s Modified Cap Recharger —— 7.5bil

Vizan’s Modified Heavy Capacitor Booster —— 2.8bil





I’ll take the Estamels XL and L boosters to this toon at 5.5b if you’re good with it.

accept your price contract jitajitajita1?

Yes sir, will accept in an hour or 2.

contract up

Accepted, thank you.

Do you have only one dual 250mm Railgun?

I have two 250mm

WTB two pls contract to SilentStorm67 tyty

still WTB both tyty

i found there is only one of 250mm, do u still wtb it?

yes pls

kk contract up

can you contract SilentStorm67 please thank you

kk ill contract you tonight