WTS SP/PI farm, 13 characters

I’m selling:

  1. Tulija
  2. Frankie Wild
  3. NoobBadUnkown
  4. Kouhaka
  5. Ahoy Maties Huren
  6. Kane Kinetic
  7. DireTurnack
  8. U7starhunter
  9. Dumnezeu
  10. Data Error
  11. josepe Tokila
  12. psyclosarin Curare

If someone wants to buy all of them I might have additional 3 to sell.
Positive wallet, they will be in NPC corp tomorrow and I will confirm that they are for sell soon.

How much for all of them?

Willing to buy Tulija and NoobBadUnkown for 4.7b total

Do you have an individual price in mind?

Please follow the rules of sale for character bazaar. If they are not followed within half a day I will close your thread. Thank you.

Sorry guys, I just realized that I can’t pay the transfer fee with PLEX. I’m not interested in paying 250$ just to transfer 13 low-SP characters.
If someone is still interested in buying all of them please contact me via in-game mail.

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