[WTS] Stand up XL-set BPO (0/0) under NPC

Buy some 0/0 BPO, for less than NPC value!
All is located in Jita

Open to offers find me on ingame mail or #q.rush on discord

Standup XL-Set BPO 0/0 - 2,4b/p
Equipment and Consumable Manufacturing Efficiency
EW and Emissions Co-ordinator
Extinction level Weapons Suite
Laboratory Optimization
Missile Fire Control Computer
Reprocessing Monitor (ME10) (500m)
Ship Manufacturing Efficiency
Structure and Component Manufacturing Efficiency
All 8 XL-set BPO for 17b

Thread updated, first BPO/C ate on personal contracts

Lance BPO and Trig BPC have been sold!
Get some cheap Blueprints

Always open to offers


Up for sale

Grab some nice BPO

Cleaned the first post

Up up!

BPO’s are under NPC

Nice T2 BPC for you T2 production

Some of the Lancer and JF BPC are up on public contracts

Some BPC are up on personal contracts sold

First post updated

First post updated again

Sold some T2 BPC and some JF BPC, updated

XL rig BPO set, under NPC price

Looking to trade Mjolnir Precision Light Missile Blueprint for Gleam L Blueprint or Conflagration L Blueprint or Scorch L Blueprint or Aurora L Blueprint.

Ideally Gleam L Blueprint. First come first serve.
Will buy if price is right.

Hi Vulpes,

May you got the wrong thread? I’m not selling T2 BPO. Are you interested in buying some of my copies?

Tops, have an inquiry for T2 BPC?
Feel free to contact me!

OP updated