WTS super carrier pilot, 46m sp

Focused super carrier pilot. Heavy and Light Fighter skills 5.

Located in jita 4-4
No kill rights, positive wallet
46,631,333 sp
HG ascendancy set. Located in amarr
MG virtue set. Located in jita
+5 set in head.

40B is the price

38b ok?
If you accept.I can deal in two hoursa

bid accepted. send isk and account name and ill start the transfer

Please wait until I get home. The name of the account receiving the money is the current account?

My first attempt at trading

you send the isk to green market. then mail green market the name of the account you want me to transfer green market to.

Thank you.I’ll do that

Isk sent

isk and account name received. transfer started.
normally takes about 10 hours to complete the transfer.

Thank you.have a good time

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