WTS 26.6M SP character,carrier/super carrier/Rorqual


  • The starting price: 17B
  • Highest price: 20B

bump bump

17B offer

Wait 10 hours, the maximum price is changed to 20B

Currently 27.7m skills, 1 million unallocated

Find the highest quotation within 10 hours

I hate waiting. Are you still there? If you could go 18B, I accept

I would do 18B but at work so wouldnt be able to send till about 15:00 Eve time

It’s okay. I can wait. He’s yours now

18.5b now pay

The last one has been reserved for 18B, if you can pay the highest price of 20B, I would like to give it to you

i can pay 18.5B now you dont wait

i can transfer the isk to you immediately

If 19B, I can now

都中国人 18.5吧

现在环境那么困难 地主家也没余粮啊


OK 吉利 我现在上线 转你哪个号?

isk转给Han Jaqobis,然后发邮件备注需要接收的账户

第一次买号 邮件咋发