Wts Super/Dread/subcap pilot 63M SP

For Sale

Positive Wallet Balance
Kill Rights : None
Sec Status : -1.58
4 Remaps available
Cool Name lol
Jump Clones in lowsec keepstar

Carrier 5: Gallente
Carrier 4: Amarr, Minmatar
Dreadnought 5 : Gallente
Battleship 5: Gallente
Fighters :5
Heavy/Light fighters : 4
FHM : 4
Shield mindlink
Jump Skills : 5/5/4 ← Fuel Conservation
As said before has maxed skills for t1 gallente BS
Will have armor/shield separate Super pods ready
Starting Bid 45B
Buy out : 60B

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35 bil

no thanks

45b, valid for 1 hour

Topic reopened.

due to post being temporary disabled… bump

still interested?

yes I am

ok i will sell to you

ok, isk and account details sent

roger will getting account sent off shortly

account sent over :slight_smile: