WTS 40m SP, Paladin pilot, spaceship command and weapon focused

Positive wallet.
Positive sec status.
Many lvl 4 agent available
No kill rights.
2 Remap
Jump clone: -0.2 OSY-UD
Charachter in Jita

Thy for reading and happy bidding :slight_smile:

@Steve_Hluskan the skillboard linked is for a different character than the poster. If they are being sold, they need to reply to the thread to confirm they are for sale within 24 hours, or this will be locked.

I comfirm that i am on sale

10b for me

20 bill

21 bil

@Steve_Hluskan @Wung_Shei Hi! I can buy now. What your price?


30bill and on dec. 29. after 09:00 we can make the trade if its ok for you, i live in UTC+1

30B too much. 25B if you want!

I can offer 26b

Hi, @Caldari_Citizen_2120535128 contact me ingame for the trade

27b if still for sale

@Gottcha_lee yes it is for sale atm.
I can accept your offer, i am online, so if you send the accoutn name and teh money i start the transfer

your not online atm, which char does isk go to weng or steve ?

@Gottcha_lee Steve, thy

isk and account sent

transfer started

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