WTS - Super Elite Focused Ragnarok/Naglfar Pilot - 76M SP

(KC Soikutsu) #1

Hello, I am for sale. Please buy me.


  • Positive Wallet
  • No Kill Rights
  • 2 Jump Clones Located In Jita
    • Full Genolution Core / Capacitor Focused Clone
    • Full High-Grade Ascendancy Set Clone

Skill Summary:

  • Minmatar Dreadnaught V
  • Tractical Weapon Reconfiguration V
  • Minmatar Titan V
  • Capital Autocannon Specialization V
  • Capital Artillery Specialization V
  • Doomsday V
  • Doomsday Rapid Firing V
  • JDC V
  • JFC V
  • Jump Portal Generation V
  • Sexiness XI

Starting Bid: 60 Bil ISK

WTB Ragnarok Pilot
(Lyphon) #2

60B Bid

(Gattanera) #3

61 bil

(KC Soikutsu) #4

Thanks for your bids, I will accept the highest bid in the next 24 hours.

(Princess Kyky) #5

62 billion

(R0SE) #6

62.5 bil

(Princess Kyky) #7

63 billion

(R0SE) #8

63.5 b/o

(Princess Kyky) #9

64 billion.

(KC Soikutsu) #10

Princess Kyky you have won for 64B ISK.

Please send me the ISK and a mail with your account name and I will begin the transfer immediately upon receiving this.

(KC Soikutsu) #11

ISK Received. Character Transfer has been started.

Thank you.

(system) #12

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