[WTS] Super Rare Stuff

I just took some stuff out of the dusty old trunk.

Will entertain offers on these. Mines i prefer to sell max 1 of each type per person.
So let’s see what comes of it.
Hit me hard :wink:

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Would you mind sending me a mail with what prices you are looking to get for 1x of everything? Thanks!

As i mentioned…entertaining offers…no need or rush to sell. So must be good for the books.
The mines which i got more…well thee has been a recent sale with some prices as a guideline

1 set of mines sold!

check your mail

up we go

still some for sale!

Do the mines work? What kind of damage do they do when dropped? Do you deploy mines by dropping it in space out of your hanger?

They are just a collectors item. They do not work! They are from back in 2003/04.

I sent you an evemail some time ago, but you never answered =(

Sorry must have missed it. Replied

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