WTS Virgin Forest Pulp x 1

How or where I acquired this, I cannot recall…its been many years. Its on the market @ Jita for 5 billion. There was one other on the market for more than a year and it sold last week for 4 billion.

If you want this rare collectible, hollar at me and lets make a deal.


300m subject to research, can you link attributes please.

If you are anywhere near Jita, just open the market window.

Considering an identical item just sold for 4 billion, your offer is rejected.


Mail me if you want to talk seriously

Wonder why he needs a useless item so bad.


I’ve never been the one to question collectors. They have their own motivations, and I am certainly no exception. I’m not a high-end collector, but I do have some old/rare/cool stuff, for sure.


Bumpin’ ’ it up


Bump to the top!

Reduced to 4.5 billion…on the market @ Jita



1B and please contact me in game.

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