WTS: Supers and Titans

Aunenen Keesptar
T2 Armor rigged: 17.69b - SOLD
T2 Armor rigged: 17.4 (PM Me)
T2 Hyper rigged: 17.44b SOLD
T2 Large rigged: 17.69b SOLD

Avatar Hull: 63.8b SOLD

http://evepraisal.com/a/iep4k 17.2b On public SOLD

Hel w/ T2 Shield Rigs - 16.9b


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hopefully all my revs (1.599 bil each ) that are on contract in sujarento sell quick enough so i can get the t2 armor one :slight_smile:

Still available

armor rigged bought

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Added T2 Large

Bump. Legacy sold. Avatar added

Have hyper and armor nyx

More up


More stuff added, more stuff sold

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