WTS Supers/Titans in Aunenen and Maila

(Kiko Inkunen) #1

WTS the following in Aunenen. All supers/titans wiil be armor rigged. Please don’t bother trying to ask for a different price, all prices are firm unless you are doing mutli super purchase. I have multiple of all hulls and will update accordingly when there is none left in stock.

Nyx - 18.5bn
Aeon - All Sold
Avatar- 66bn
Erebus - 64bn

I also have some Hels in Maila all are hyperspatial fit for sale:
Hel - 17bn

(Kiko Inkunen) #2

Update prices availability and added some additional options. Shoot me a mail if you are interested. All prices are lower than any available on contract.

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