WTS swag name character

I am up for sale!!

short backstory : i made this character years ago, since i wanted to save the name, however now that i think of it, i never got around enough to invest in it to make it my main, i always postponed it and yeah, years later i remembered :cool:

positive wallet, positive sec status, only npc corp (date of creation 01.29.2014)

55k skillpoints, minimal, never got around to skill anything or even bother doing the tutorial, however that might not be a problem for some ppl

so as you see i am sellng this character for the most dank name of all characters!!!.. so if you have swag and like the name, make a bid!

no current b/o price, lets see if anyone is interested in investing in the name, maybe 1 day this name will be written in history lolz

starting bid 3b

An eveskillboard.com link is still required.

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