WTS T2 BPO! Lachesis

Guys, this scimi sold a few weeks ago, maybe a month. Not sure about the hound

thank you

175bil hound



Is this still good?

Been away with work :slight_smile:

I have three BPO’s left to sell:

Hound - Currently waiting on Dart’s 175B offer.
Lachesis - Still waiting for a decent offer.
720mm Howitzer Artillery - Still waiting for a decent offer.

175bil hound
contrat me

or to me :smiley:

Contract is up :slight_smile:

Looking to get rid of the Lachesis and 720MM Howitzer Artillery BPO.

Bump to the top :slight_smile:

did you say bump?

I did indeed, same two for sale :slight_smile:
720mm Howitzer Artillery

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bump to the top, remember i’ll be considering all offers :slight_smile:

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bump it up :slight_smile:

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Just the Lachesis left!