WTS - Various T2 Ship BPOs (Lachesis, Crow, Ishkur, Stiletto, Hound, Nemesis, Claw)

WTH (Want to Hypernet) Nemesis BPO ME10 TE20 (max on both)

Currently listed on the Hypernet Relay for the next ~3 days, cost of 350m per node.

Crow x2
Stiletto x2
Claw x4

Currently in build, but will consider reasonable offers on those.

Building efficiently requires multiple characters and as my game time dwindles I find myself not wanting to do the work associated. Great for a mid-sized corporation or any null-sec group with (safe) access to a Sotiyo. Can transfer the rigged Sotiyo+standings, very close to Jita for supply runs, for bulk buyers.

owo :slight_smile:

Looking to buy 1 or 2 T2 BPOs that can be used in small gang effectively.

I’m eyeing the Crow, Stiletto, Hound, Ishkur, Deimos, Ishtar.

I have a method I use to determine the range that I would be willing to pay for these, so if we are too far apart, I hope you wont be offended, not my intention to lowball you.

I would offer the following:

Ishkur 40b
Crow 50b
Stiletto 55b
Hound 60b
Deimos 95b
Ishtar 125b


ill give you a hint bud prob be paying triple figures per bpo

Not the first I’ve bought, not the last. No need to be crass.

If OP wants to counter or decline, that is their choice. But I can’t just justify over a 6+ year ROI, which is what many frigate BPOs would be at “triple digits”.

I use data to make my pricing decisions. No one is forced to agree to accept, and I respect that.


I would also like to add a bid of 55b for the nemesis

I do appreciate the offers, however they are a bit lower than what I believe the market dictates.

In terms of ROI, I understand that you are hessitant to make a larger offer because it would take 6 years (in your estimation) to make the money back. But do be aware that is operating on the assumption that the blueprint itself doesn’t appreciate in value - which it does.

The other thing to mention is that with multiple copies of blueprints you can out out-produce and out-price competitors, driving potential inventors away from your corner of the market so that you can set the price. There are not many of these items left on active accounts, so if you are geared to produce T2 ships then this is a quality investment. This is not something you let sit a few jumps from Jita and build in an NPC station.

The Nemesis Hypernet failed (rip!) after getting about 70% of the way.

I have received and accepted some in-game offers for the
Stiletto x1

Still for sale

Crow x2

I will consider discounts for buying multiple prints, but again I’m not in a rush to accept offers. Though, again, I appreciate the interest.

Understood, This isn’t my first T2 BPO. :slight_smile:

Would you be willing PM what your ask on the remaining ones are?

Thank you!

Hi, Im still interested. Could you let me know your ask on the remaining? Thank you!

I’m interested in both the Crow BPOs but I think you sold one via hypernet if that was you. Let me know. Shoot me an evemail with a starting price if you would be so kind.

Also interested in the nemesis


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