Gyrostabilizer II
Warrior II
Inferno Javelin
Mjolnir Javelin
Void S

Any Reasonable bid will be considered. Best of luck!

40b gyro

eve mail sent

Good afternoon!

Current status on bids! Thank you for all your Eve mails! I would like to close this before the end of the week and appreciate all of your offers!

Current offers

Warrior II - 50 bil
Gyrostabilizer II - 75 bil
Void S - 20 bil
Inferno Javelin - 24 bil
Mjolnir Javelin - 24 bil

I will send out another update tomorrow. Thanks!

Will like to offer a buyout for:
Warrior II - 75B
Void S - 25B

Inferno Javelin - 28 bil
Mjolnir Javelin - 28 bil

Please evemail me your prices for them. I am interested in them all :slight_smile:

35b for the void s

Gyrostabilizer II - 80 bil

Inferno Javelin - 29 bil
Mjolnir Javelin - 29 bil

Gyrostabilizer II 82b

Hey everyone first of all just want to say I am so grateful for all your offers and eve-mails. I hope that I responded to each of your personally. I will be making my decision at the end of today taking into consideration some of the combination offers. Here is current status below!

Current offers

Warrior II - 80bil
Gyrostabilizer II - 82 bil
Void S - 37 bil
Inferno Javelin - 29 bil
Mjolnir Javelin - 29 bil

This will be the last update before I make my decisions. I’ll let you know later today. Feel free to continue to bid!

Gyrostabilizer II - 83 bil
Void S - 38bi
Warrior II - 81bil

gyro 85b


Warrior II 90B

30b each

Void 40b

Thank you all for the incredible responses! Here are the final results here I will send out eve-mails to the winners and create contracts now. Thank you everyone!

Final Bids

Warrior II - 90 bil
Gyrostabilizer II - 94 bil
Void S - 41 bil
Inferno Javelin - 32 bil
Mjolnir Javelin - 38 bil

Void 42b