Looking to sell two of my T2 BPO’s:

Gyrostabilizer II - 10/20
Void S - 10/20


Located in Highsec NPC station, near Jita.

Not looking for low-balling offers/quick sales :slight_smile:



150 for Gyro

For which? :slight_smile:

for both 280bil

Void S 115b

290 for both

Gyrostabilizer 210b
Void S 115b

325b for both

Damn!!! May I ask where you got those?

330b for both

335b for both

I offer 350bil for both

355b for both

As it seems to have died down.

Will take you up for that, Email me a character to contract to, and will set it up :slight_smile:

You can search for me in game, I’ll accept it shortly!

it was quickly closed
I was not near a machine
I would have had a bigger offer(

Nice to see you back around. Sorry I missed these prints.