WTS ( T2 gun Dread, Rorq, Apostle, Minokawa Pilot) 58 Million skill points


Katniss Cehack

Eve skillboard

Price - looking to sell multiple roles character.

-Character in High sec (Jita)

-Wallet Balance is positive

-No Jump clones

Toon has 2 remaps.

bidding starts at 50 bill, general rule, 1 bill per 1 million sp. 60Bill B/0. Can sell toon for less but skills will be extracted to match what in the toon you are looking for before transfer. i.e, Rorqual only, Dread only. etc.

Will be on sale for five days from posted date.
No Kill Rights

Confirm I am for sale.

46b offered

Common bro, I have kids, a family, extended family to feed. They all live in Jita and the rent is too dam high.

A daily boosh.

50b offered

60 bill and she is all yours, that I think is a fair price, given the state of the market.

I can do it today for 56b but i cant do 60 today

I will sell tonight, right now for 57bill, xfer ready.

honestly im really just looking for a rorqual pilot. Not really interested in anything else. tho the minnow is nice. if you want to follow thru with your extraction. We can discuss further in game.

Alright mate, I will log in and we can reach some agreement I am 1000% sure.

can convo me in game

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