WTS Thon's Modified Adaptive Invulnerability Field

Old player, new Alpha clone, locked out of old ships (Marauders, Command ships), needs new funds for new ones (story short).

I’d like to dust of my 2011 (earth year) and not since seen the light rare(ish):
Thon’s Modified Adaptive Invulnerability Field

Price request aprox. 4 bilion ISK, also reasonable offers are considered.
Delivery to high security system (Jita etc), direct exchange or a contract doable.

Back then there wasn’t Pithum/Gistum Invul fields available so these were quite expensive at the time.
With a slight advantage to CPU usage I’d like to sell this one off. Need to revert to cheaper Deadspace stuf.f

Price lowered to 3 bil ISK, it seems there’s not that much interest for these after all…

Setting up a market sales order is a bit expensive with Alpha skills (can’t even remotely change the order).

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