[WTS] Tobias Modified Stasis Webifier

WTS Tobias Modified Stasis Webifier,

Location: Jita

Send offers to “Hermes Weiss”

I’ll sell for lower than Market rate, please don’t low ball me too much :<

Market rate for reference:
62B in Jita
81B in ICY Perimiter

A Daily bump, still open to offers.

I’ll offer 25b for the webber

Hi Arestes

Thank you for your interest, however I’m looking for something higher than that for now.


Bump for the day

Still bumping

You do know the AT is over right? You missed the window for the inflated prices.

I understand that I may have missed a window, but I also believe that there is someone out there who wants the best web in the game.

Bump for the day.

I want the best web in the game but I’m also not retarded and will buy it for that price

I’m not looking for the asking prices on the market right now of
62B in Jita
81B in ICY Perimiter

I’m merely asking for interested parties to post a reasonable price either in this forum or in game.

However, many thanks for your input.

Bump for the day.

Bump of the day

Bumpity bump.

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