WTS True Sansha Capital Capacitor Booster

WTS 1 True Sansha Capital Capacitor Booster

Location Jita

Price: 6B
PM/Comment if interested

Pimp yo Faction Caps now!


Bump, price reduced a bit. Come pimp your caps!


Bump! Come buy your Faction Capital Cap Booster!


Le Bump!

Seems like more people need to run Faction Sotiyos so there are more faction titans to be pimped


Le Bump!



le friggin bump

Price Reduced to 7.25B


I can offer 5.5 bill if ur interested

That is rather low. I can knock off another 250m for you tho. So 7B.

Also Bump

Unfortunately there is DB version available for less. Unless you are TS follower.

You have the choice to either use a Dirty Booster built by some blood sucking degenerates or a glorious Booster Approved by Sansha Kuvakei himself. There is a reason the TS is more expensive.