WTS True Sansha Capital Cap Booster, Chelms Heatsink

Items are in Jita

True Sansha Capital Capacitor Booster

Chelm’s Modified Heat Sink



i will take the cap booster for 7 bil if you accept contract it to me

Too low sorry


Still for sale

contract to me for 12.5b I will accept but in 14 days. ( 2 weeks) maybe tomorrow , maybe in next 7 days. If u will get an offer then delete contract to me. :slight_smile:

Sure i’ll create a contract since i’m not in a hurry

ill buy the shadow serpentis 10000MN ab if u contract it to me

Edit: I will buy straight away

Done deal, contract up

Fetouros Kousou Let me know if you still want the Capacitor Booster

Otherwise True Sansha Capital Capacitor Booster still for sale @ 9b

yeah, I will accept in few days.




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