Sold - close

(Absolute Truth) #1

All sold.

(LordPsylex) #2

1x Dark Blood Capital Energy Neutralizer - 1.5b

Give contract

(Absolute Truth) #3

Contract is up from my alt.

(Absolute Truth) #4

Daily bump. Stuff still available.

(Absolute Truth) #5

Daily bump. Buy my stuff.

(Absolute Truth) #6

Bump. Stuff still available. Some prices adjusted.

(Absolute Truth) #7

Bump. Give me some offers.

(Admiral Mason) #8

16,5b for Chelm

(Ms Unid) #9

1x True Sansha Capital Energy Neutralizer - 1.7b
3x Dark Blood Dual Giga Pulse Laser - 1b/each

Will give you 4b for these, contract to Ms Unid in-game if you accept.

(Absolute Truth) #10

@Ms_Unid contracts up. @Admiral_Mason I can’t do 16.5b for the chelms. I can do 17.5b.

(Absolute Truth) #11

Bump. Stuff available.

(Mad Vemane) #12

200 for the Nos?

(Admiral Mason) #13

Best I can do is 17.
Contract to “Jerkin Gherkin”

(Absolute Truth) #14

@Mad_Vemane and @Admiral_Mason, contracts are up