Sold - close

All sold.

1x Dark Blood Capital Energy Neutralizer - 1.5b

Give contract

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Contract is up from my alt.

Daily bump. Stuff still available.

Daily bump. Buy my stuff.

Bump. Stuff still available. Some prices adjusted.

Bump. Give me some offers.

16,5b for Chelm

1x True Sansha Capital Energy Neutralizer - 1.7b
3x Dark Blood Dual Giga Pulse Laser - 1b/each

Will give you 4b for these, contract to Ms Unid in-game if you accept.

@Ms_Unid contracts up. @Admiral_Mason I can’t do 16.5b for the chelms. I can do 17.5b.

Bump. Stuff available.

200 for the Nos?

Best I can do is 17.
Contract to “Jerkin Gherkin”

@Mad_Vemane and @Admiral_Mason, contracts are up

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