WTS Two 2003 Characters

Hello I’m selling two characters, both born in 2003. Your offers below or in private evemail in game if you prefer.


Confirming, I am for sale.

Hazza 2BIL

How much ISK


For reference I recently sold another 2003 with around 1.5mil SP for 8B.

4B for Brachtar

Thanks for the offer, I’m looking for more than that though.

Hazza 7 billion isk

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Thanks for the offer, 10B and Hazza is yours.

Both still for sale. PM me or reply below.

Im wondering if Hazza is still for sale?

Got 8 billion isk to offer for Hazza

Thanks for your offer. You can have Hazza for 10B or Brachtar for 9B.

Both are still available



Still for sale?

Yup, make me an offer

how much is?