WTS 2003 char

Im For sale
positive wallet
Located in jita
Starting bid 4.5b
B/O : best offer ever


Its a beautiful char that ive never used willing sell it for the right price

welcome to bid here thanx.

And of course ill pay the tranfer fee if i get the right prize.

bumb nobody wants this char

4.5b and it only has 900k sp ??? Who cares if its 2003 not worth 4.5 bill. Lol

Well I’d pay a good Amount of ISK for a Character like that. The only Reason why I don’t place an Offer of 4.5B or more is her name. :-/

But in Case you are willing to consider lower Offers I would do 3B and give her a good Home. Let me know!

Is this character still for sale?

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