WTS 2009 char - 34,3 mill sp

Im for sale

Positive wallet
Located in High.sec

Startbid: 15 bill
b/o: 23 bill
Ends: when it’s sold


Throw me your bids.


Thanks for start mate

Offer: 18 bil

Thanks mate, i will let a few more bids hit the board before i decide.



Daily Bump


Thanks mate, looking for a little more.

22.5 billion ISK

Leads - throw me a B/O then i will sell it within 3 hours give or take 30 minz if it’s a good offer.

Edit: 30 minutes are up.

Confirming original bid.

Maizie Fields, what is your B/O offer, i only see your bid.

23 bil

TxivYawg1 - 25 bill and it’s yours

No thanks, overpriced

TxivYawg1 i will go as low as 24 bill.

Updated with B/O price - online now, selling it asap

I am willing to buy it at 23b.