:arrow_forward: PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE ISK :arrow_left:

2003 CHAR
:point_right:1 Char Resculpt ready

  • 5.2 SEC STATUS
    Can Fly a good selection of CAP and subcap ships AT a decent level.
    maurders 5 (Good money maker in missions)
    5.9637 Caldari State Standing

Also a chance to own a 2003 char that wont happen to often.

all ccp rules apply.

password : 123456

price :fire: :fire: 90 BILL or best offer :fire: :fire: taking into Account the SP the DOB and the xfer cost .

Anyone looking to own a 2003 char just throw the asking price my way :wink:

Feel free to mail me in game but give me time to reply as i may be semi afk or on my main.

UK TZone


wont be sold for under extraction and transfer costs so anyone looking to buy to strip wont be getting the char.

in game mails replied and bump

ingame mails replied to

Buyout droped to 90 bill or best offer

ONLINE so Transfer ready

77 billz

thanks for the offer but ill be needing a little bit more.

theres 85 ish bill in extraction give or take
then ill save paying a transfer fee
then i will also have a 2003 char to sell once stripped that normaly do ok for isk aswell.

but the stripping and selling also takes time which i understand so how about we say 85 bill for the char and we have a sale.



Auction closed

will relist as a bare bones 2003 char once stripped

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