WTB Low SP 2003 character

Bumpely Bump

Otra dia

born: 2003.05.07 with 5.2m sp. what you looking to offer for it?

10 billion isk

i’ll pass. worth more to keep it at that price. ty though for reply

12 billion isk then ?

about 25b would be about it. the toon has no zkill, only item that is mark it was in 2 player corps with 2 npcs corps before being left untouched basically. it has the revamp, and should have bonus remaps and all of that. its a day 1 toon to most in the US timezone, since eve launched 05/06/03 euro tz. The only item that would give it even greater value would be if it could be renamed.

18 billion isk then ?

i’ll stick to 25b atm, anything less and its worth me keeping incase i need another low year toon. its too bad i cant figure out the email i used for one account i had abandoned in the early years, the toon went caldari citizen should be a 2003 toon day 1 toon. it should only have 1 player corp and 1 npc corp.

20 billion isk last offer

ty for offer, but i will hold at 25b. If that should change or I get access to the other one I’ll look at selling it again.

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