Remove, changing

Remove Please

47 bil

Thanks for direct offer, but just guaging what price range would be good. As be month likely i put her up for auction. Much has changed in 2-3 years

48 Bil

48.5 bil

49 bil

49.5 bil

49.6 bil offered

As said thanks for the offers but was a price check, As i still have to find a way to sell off a VNI, Rapier and Vindicator(Faction mods on some) first as only have a noob alt to transfer to. Which is about 2.5b in ships cant afford to just lose or waste sitting on a noob alt atm. (though this toon does have 1 neural revamp avail too).

Though if the right offer comes around, I may accept, but will be a few days as i still have to see all what i had on this character that was sent to low sec safety thing

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