Price Check - Launch Day Toon - Caldari - 100m SP

I am just gauging interest and potential value for a character.

They were created very early on the launch day of Eve (6th May 2003).
100m SP well spread but focused on PvP
Caldari with good corp standings apart from rats.
Positive isk, +5.0 standing, no kill rights, bounties, etc.
c. 30bn in assets - can be included or excluded.

Very desirable name.

Thank you for any guidance!

You must link an link with any character Price checks or sales, as per Terms and Conditions of the Character Bazaar

ahh ok, I don’t want the character name to be known so this can be deleted.

In that case, you can get a gauge by looking around similar posts. You’re definitely going to find a few around 100m. If you do decide to sell, make a proper post and feel free to contact me.

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