WTS Caldari starter pilot

Pretty basic caldari starter

PW/ 1234
Small/Med Hybrid turrets V
Some core skills IV/V
Price lowered to 3.5b

(Sorry for bad name, was drunk when i made it)

BUMP (lowering price to 4b)

what is the PW for the skillboard?

1234 :slight_smile:





bump! price lowered to 3.5

3B and i’ll take the terrible name :rofl:

lol ideally i don’t want to go any lower than 3.5

What’s the sp


You must confirm that you own this char.

I own this character, I don’t see what i am doing wrong

Ok well well I need to make another account to house him what would be the lowest

Im confused what are you trying to say?

When u transfer the character you need to put it in a empty slot in an account so I need to create a new account to house this char… what would be the lowest you would take

Considering he has ‘decent’ core skills i’d take 3.5 as lowest… but i would ideally like 4b

Ok well let me buy some plex and go home so I can see the eveskill sheet of the char so I can judge it best