WTS beginner Caldari character for roleplay


Skill Points = 377,462 SP
Yearly Remaps = 1
Bonus Remaps = 2
Security Status = 0.00

Great starter Caldari pilot for roleplaying in Jita.
Starter bid: 1 Billion ISK seems like a decent pricetag.

Currently Sitting in Jita waiting for a new owner.

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You know that it costs absolutely nothing to create a new character for roleplay purposes right?
Also, it costs $20 to transfer toons. You could buy like 1.5b worth of plex with that money, how is this even profitable for you?

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Hi there,

Thank you for your question. I know they aren’t worth much as action characters but these eve characters are more like EVE models.

I hope in time they will be seen as such. I will uh…make them pretty with everything that I can get from the game. So that is their clothing, make-up, jewelry and also their reputation (that comes with their name). :blush:

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